Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Clever Milly

Introducing... My first picture book Clever Milly!
Milly is the clever hen of the henhouse, and when Mr. Fox comes a-calling she has a plan to find out what he's up to. Her own survival depends on it!
A few notes about the picture book:
  • It's an original retelling of Mr. Fox, an English folktale.
  • Mr. Fox is a variant of the Bluebeard stories (courtship by a mysterious and possibly dangerous stranger).
  • It is kid-friendly both in text and illustrations!
  • I published two Bluebeard academic books, and now this is "my version" of the story!
  • It is self-published. The Bluebeard fairy tale has fallen out of favor with children's publishers since the early twentieth century. I'm hoping this kid-friendly variant reintroduces it to readers!
  • It is available from but, to keep the book's price as low as possible ($6.50), I haven't used the expanded distribution channels for Europe. To do so, amazon would have required the book to be 50% more expensive again than it is now. I hope it is still readily available to folks not in North America and hope this doesn't inconvenience you too much!