Sunday, October 25, 2009

Shakespeare in Love

So Midsummer Night's Dream was gorgeous, in every respect. My two carried themselves beautifully, bien sur! Daughter and her BFF, another 5 year old, wooed and won the audience easily. Son was on stage a bit more as the changeling boy, and also did well. We (I, and mom of daughter's BFF) spent the first three of the four productions (and all rehearsals) in the green room, getting the Rosencrantz and Guildenstern view of the production. It was lovely to be out front and actually see it all from the flip side. It was great spectacle.

And now, we have bona fide theater brats. This minute, they are creating a three-ringed circus, in PJs. Daughter is tech designer and props manager. She has taped elaborate cutouts from construction paper to the legs of chairs tipped upside down. Son has balloons, and a stick. He is trying to kick balloons from a handstand position. He says all he needs now is a hula hoop, and fire, and he'll have a ring of flame... I think they are applause junkies, but have locked away all sources of fire.

And a thank you to wonderful teachers: Mrs G, the kindergarten teacher of our two five year olds (and both their older brothers) who came on Friday night and stayed to adore them for ages after the show, which is why we adore her too; Mrs S and Mrs T, the second- and fourth- grade teachers of both brothers, who also came and were generous with their time. The kids felt so proud to have their own comp tickets to bestow, and felt even prouder when their teachers came. Thank you so much for giving so much!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Break a leg!

There is much glitter in our household as both children are cast (I use that term loosely, since hubby is the director) in the main stage production of Midsummer Night's Dream. They are: Changeling boy and Spring fairy. They have: big hair, much hairspray and glitter, much body paint, and amazing costumes. They are: excited (they did the high school production this morning, but it's opening night tonight...) and exhausted. Their hair is still up from this morning's production, and they are flitting around in the in-betweenness of shows, bestowing glitter around the house. Despite daughter's horror the first time someone told her "break a leg," they are by now green room regulars, and as bored with makeup and hair routines as the most seasoned actors. Spring fairy did just break Changeling boy's glasses a few minutes ago, and when I asked her "are you injured?" (after checking on son) cried: "no, but I'm huuuuuurt!" in a more "unstrung" than "spring" fairy-like way. A student this afternoon told me I had glitter under my nose. I shrugged. She said it kept catching the light. I thought: I have cool fairy boogers. Wait 'til I tell the kids!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fair Enough!

Son, immediately on entering the house at 3.20pm: "Great, can we eat?"
Me, perplexed: "Why are you so hungry?"
Son, as if it's obvious: "Because I just spent seven hours in an elementary school!"

Ironically, in addition to a school-provided snack, a home-provided lunch, and a PTO-provided carmel apple (at the afternoon reading celebration), I figured it was indeed a fair comment. After all, I had only spent two hours in the same elementary school, and was ... hungry too. And pooped. People who spend all day in elementary schools but who are not themselves elementary school students: Kudos to you! Me, I'd have to keep pockets full of chocolate. But I had my first lovely session with a second grader (not my own) to begin story development with them for their young author stories they will write after the winter break. Forty five minutes flew by, and second grader number one has a map and story notes. Her story is going to be a hit!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Critters of the Month Club

Had a great critique session in Kansas City at Borders, yesterday afternoon. Nice drive, nice coffee, great company. Spending two hours critiquing children's writing with folks who are as enthused and focused is wonderful. Thanks, guys.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Euphemistically Speaking

Daughter, in an uncharacteristically genteel moment: "I've gotta go poo... ah... powder my nose."

And on that note, I had fun being interviewed on the radio, yesterday morning. It was all the more fun because it ran right through two of my classes, which at least was planned for. In any case, it was radio mayhem. I spent a lot of time talking piracy (which is not the same as talking like a pirate), and about how Bluebeard wasn't originally--but now sort of is--a pirate. I came home after work and drafted a picture book indulging the piracy side of things. What the heck. Everyone loves pirates! (It's kind of an in joke that the subtitle to my Bluebeard book is "ARG," aka: A Reader's Guide... )

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Return of Air Quotes

Daughter, discovering the power of 3s where air quotes are concerned:
Just because I didn't "STICK" it "ON" with "GLUE"...

My conclusion is that air quotes on a five year old make everything sound more fun. Things I should try:
  • Honey, it's time for "school"!
  • You really need to "straighten up" your room. It looks like a "bomb" went off in there!
  • It's only "broccoli"!
  • When I said "ignore" your brother, I didn't mean "refuse to speak to him all week."
  • It is "pink." Trust me!
  • Yes, that was a "lie."

Hm. It's a "gray area."