Thursday, October 22, 2009

Break a leg!

There is much glitter in our household as both children are cast (I use that term loosely, since hubby is the director) in the main stage production of Midsummer Night's Dream. They are: Changeling boy and Spring fairy. They have: big hair, much hairspray and glitter, much body paint, and amazing costumes. They are: excited (they did the high school production this morning, but it's opening night tonight...) and exhausted. Their hair is still up from this morning's production, and they are flitting around in the in-betweenness of shows, bestowing glitter around the house. Despite daughter's horror the first time someone told her "break a leg," they are by now green room regulars, and as bored with makeup and hair routines as the most seasoned actors. Spring fairy did just break Changeling boy's glasses a few minutes ago, and when I asked her "are you injured?" (after checking on son) cried: "no, but I'm huuuuuurt!" in a more "unstrung" than "spring" fairy-like way. A student this afternoon told me I had glitter under my nose. I shrugged. She said it kept catching the light. I thought: I have cool fairy boogers. Wait 'til I tell the kids!


  1. Happy theatering!

    And "cool fairy boogers": I love it!

  2. Thanks! There really is something about the theater experience. And now I get to be the back stage mom... telling students to watch their language, and bringing snacks for 40!