Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Best Place For Them, Really

Took the kids to Toy Story 3 the other night (Pixar does it again: yay!). Daughter decided to fund her own megabox of Nerds candy.

On leaving, I confiscated the box and its remainders for another day, telling her that since there was 60 calories in a serving, and 11 servings in the box (!), it would have to keep.

In the course of handing it over, she then accidentally spilled some. Being Nerds, they bounced and spread far and wide on the hard floor, and there wasn't much we could do except apologize to whomever would be the cleanup person for the mall.

Daughter: "I'm sorry I left calories all over the floor!"

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm Easily Played

My kids are on summer time. Nonetheless, when Daughter popped out of bed rubbing her eyes, after 9.30pm and for the umpteenth time , I wasn't thrilled.

Me, in Big Voice: What do you need now?
Daughter, in Tiny Voice: Umm... where are the library books? So I can practice my reading? [bats her eyelashes].
Me, in Regular Voice: They're piled on the desk.
Me, in Thought Bubble: Well played.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

It Was a Young Newbery Back Then!

I'm working on a new novel. As background reading I reread Scott O'Dell's Island of the Blue Dolphins, for the first time in *cough, indistinct* years. In the process, I re-loved these things about it: the stakes are high; understatement does much of the work; action and pathos blend so well. But I also loved that I could still hear the voice of my school teacher who read it aloud to us, a chapter an afternoon. I don't remember his name any more, but I do remember that I was furious he wouldn't let me take the book home and just finish it. He knew I'd bring it back. He knew I'd read it overnight. And (being a teacher, I guess) he knew it would be better if I had to wait. It was torture to have to wait for a single chapter a day, but I loved it.

I had eye surgery when I was ten or so, twice. As an avid reader, I also remember being frustrated at not being allowed to read. And I do remember my mother reading to me from Enid Blyton's Famous Five series, which was my fave. And I remember how mad I was when she had to go make a start on dinner, instead of reading another chapter. We found out this morning that, like Son, Daughter also needs glasses, and prismatic lenses, as we suspected. (Hey, at least they'll both appear to be bookish types!) I'm glad there are so many alternatives to eye surgery these days, after *cough, indistinct* years.

Still, I enjoyed Daughter's take at swim classes this week: I can't see. I need gobbles.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Well No, But She Was Tired

Son was invited to the skating rink after drama camp. Next day, I told Son he was missed.

Me: You know, your sister cried for ages after you left for skating last night.
Son: For how long?
Me: Fifteen minutes or so.
Son: Well, but that's not her record.

Last week was the busiest of the summer, and although it was all "fun" (or, you know, income earning), I'm glad to see the back of it. We had:

  1. first week of hubby's summer class (at 8am, no less)
  2. first week of mine
  3. only week of Son's British soccer camp, every morning
  4. first week of swim classes which only Daughter got to attend (see previous entry)
  5. first of two weeks of afternoon drama camp
  6. first week of summer soccer league (two practices and a game, all on week nights of course)
  7. doctor's appointment for scout camp physicals (early in the blasted morning, due to 3 and 4 above)
  8. a scout hike
  9. gymnastics*

    *I felt like a cruel parent taking Daughter from drama camp to make her weekly gymnastics appointment. It was a tough decision to have her in summer gym at all, but she has physical therapy needs and gym serves them. It was a tougher decision to take her from one busy activity into another (change of clothes and all), but since drama camp is two weeks long I decided she should not miss two weeks in a row (being therapy, and all) and took her. And there were: two kids, two teachers, and the entire 5,000 sq foot gymnasium for them to work in. It's not often I go from "awful mother" to "vindicated mother" so quickly, but it's the one time all week I could have cried about our schedule, for the right reasons!

Monday, June 7, 2010

What Are We Feeding Them, Anyway?

Daughter, at breakfast, in musing tone and a propos of nothing: What I don't understand is why hippopotamuses have their head so low. It's like they have no necks.

Son, at dinner, in slightly accusatory tone and a propos of nothing: I now know what you and dad did to make me.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Son tromped all over Silver Dollar City yesterday refusing to spend his pocket money on Frivolous Items like those his sister bought: slushees, and lollipops. Instead, he remained determined that there was a Magic Shop he remembered from last year, and We Had To Find It.

Won over by his persistence, we backtracked through the entire place, reading maps and getting lost, because that is how one arrives at a Magic Shop. I swear it wasn't there when first we passed by that street.

The resident Store Owner, a Magician named Mark, was very taken with Son's dedication to the craft and his patient deliberations over products for sale, and suggested The Best Buy. Son deliberated further, and agreed on the purchase.

Mark then took Son aside to teach him a Magicians Only trick, going so far as to turn away a customer who came close enough to see. (Being the anxious/responsible sort of mother, I hovered in the doorway, because I don't know Magician Mark.)

Mark said if Son practices and shows him a trick or two on our next visit, Mark will include him in his live show (outside the Magic Shop). Son is ecstatic.

We were waylaid home by severe weather, having to hide out in a bookstore (my choice, of course) until 11pm when the sirens were all turned off before continuing our drive home. Both children were of course up early, wanting to work on their tricks.

I've discovered the best part about having Magician's Apprentices for children: parents are simply not allowed behind the scenes. So I'm looking forward to much time with children behind closed doors working on their Magic Skills, showing up every now and then to be admired!