Monday, June 14, 2010

Well No, But She Was Tired

Son was invited to the skating rink after drama camp. Next day, I told Son he was missed.

Me: You know, your sister cried for ages after you left for skating last night.
Son: For how long?
Me: Fifteen minutes or so.
Son: Well, but that's not her record.

Last week was the busiest of the summer, and although it was all "fun" (or, you know, income earning), I'm glad to see the back of it. We had:

  1. first week of hubby's summer class (at 8am, no less)
  2. first week of mine
  3. only week of Son's British soccer camp, every morning
  4. first week of swim classes which only Daughter got to attend (see previous entry)
  5. first of two weeks of afternoon drama camp
  6. first week of summer soccer league (two practices and a game, all on week nights of course)
  7. doctor's appointment for scout camp physicals (early in the blasted morning, due to 3 and 4 above)
  8. a scout hike
  9. gymnastics*

    *I felt like a cruel parent taking Daughter from drama camp to make her weekly gymnastics appointment. It was a tough decision to have her in summer gym at all, but she has physical therapy needs and gym serves them. It was a tougher decision to take her from one busy activity into another (change of clothes and all), but since drama camp is two weeks long I decided she should not miss two weeks in a row (being therapy, and all) and took her. And there were: two kids, two teachers, and the entire 5,000 sq foot gymnasium for them to work in. It's not often I go from "awful mother" to "vindicated mother" so quickly, but it's the one time all week I could have cried about our schedule, for the right reasons!

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  1. Like mother, like daughter -- crying, that is!

    Hope this week is another good one, despite the deluge.