Thursday, June 3, 2010


Son tromped all over Silver Dollar City yesterday refusing to spend his pocket money on Frivolous Items like those his sister bought: slushees, and lollipops. Instead, he remained determined that there was a Magic Shop he remembered from last year, and We Had To Find It.

Won over by his persistence, we backtracked through the entire place, reading maps and getting lost, because that is how one arrives at a Magic Shop. I swear it wasn't there when first we passed by that street.

The resident Store Owner, a Magician named Mark, was very taken with Son's dedication to the craft and his patient deliberations over products for sale, and suggested The Best Buy. Son deliberated further, and agreed on the purchase.

Mark then took Son aside to teach him a Magicians Only trick, going so far as to turn away a customer who came close enough to see. (Being the anxious/responsible sort of mother, I hovered in the doorway, because I don't know Magician Mark.)

Mark said if Son practices and shows him a trick or two on our next visit, Mark will include him in his live show (outside the Magic Shop). Son is ecstatic.

We were waylaid home by severe weather, having to hide out in a bookstore (my choice, of course) until 11pm when the sirens were all turned off before continuing our drive home. Both children were of course up early, wanting to work on their tricks.

I've discovered the best part about having Magician's Apprentices for children: parents are simply not allowed behind the scenes. So I'm looking forward to much time with children behind closed doors working on their Magic Skills, showing up every now and then to be admired!


  1. It's so interesting to me what kids are drawn to. The way they are all different little people with their own passions. And it's amazing when they are so *committed*!

    And bravo on the independent magic activity during which you can do your own activities! Although, as your little magicians get older, I suppose their activities could become a little more, erm, dangerous?

    But for now, Yay!

  2. Oh, wow! This is such a cool story. Go, Son!!!

  3. GEW: I do love it when they get passionate about something. I'm waiting for the "disappearing money" trick!

    Ink: Son has read your comment with glee, and is indeed Go-ing!

  4. That is awesome. One of my best guy friends growing up was into magic. He always had a trick up his sleeve. I totally fell in love with him because of it. We didn't work out as a couple, but we're still friends, and he still has magic tricks for our kids to enjoy. It's very cool. :)