Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cashing In

Daughter surprised us all by growing a big tooth behind her current baby teeth, none of which had yet fallen out. We were given varied advice, from: it's not a problem, to "my son had five teeth pulled." The orthodontist we visited last week (for Son) asked us when we were having Daughter see a dentist next. "Tomorrow, at 10am," I replied. "Good," she said. "Those bottom teeth have got to come out."

I was not happy at the idea that Daughter had to have two teeth (one wiggly, one not) yanked out, but she was doing the happy dance at the prospect of the Tooth Fairy's first visit to her room. Sure enough, Daughter came home smiling, dried blood on her chin, and one (sabre-like) tooth in a bag. (The other had been thoughtlessly tossed at the dentist office. Really, people! They were apologetic, and went through their trash, but still.)

Daughter composed a lisped tome to TF, and then insisted that I type it, and print it off in 4-point font, "to make it easier for her to read!" The fact that the type was a blur to the human eye made it all the more charming. We explained about the mitthing tooth, and unlike in Son's letters, there was no request for unicorn teeth.

TF obliged with: the premium amount for healthy teeth, plus a bonus for healthy dentist-extracted teeth, and a deer tooth for Daughter's new collection.

Daughter is well satisfied. But I wasn't quite ready for Daughter's new smile. Those were the first two teeth to grow in. Also, her face has changed shape again, and she is getting older!


  1. Oh my god!! The first two teeth to grow in!! I will probably ball my eyes out when my eldest loses those first two teeth. I can hardly stand how old he is at the ripe age of 4. Compared to my 5-month-old, he's an adult.

    Anyway - I'm glad that the TF came through for your daughter. :) The note? Totally charming. What fun!

  2. Hi Fie,
    Yeah, it was sad that those two went first, and without warning! I expect one day years from now we'll be trying to decipher that note with a magnifying glass!

  3. I had thought that the emergence of adult teeth while still possessing baby teeth was a rare trait, one belonging only to my husband and his progeny. Apparently not!

    Just make sure your dentist doesn't get in a hurry to remove any slow-to-dislodge baby teeth until ascertaining the presence of replacement adult teeth in waiting. I still have two baby molars where two adult molars never materialized!


  4. My son just had his two first permanent teeth come in behind the babies. We kept telling him he looked like shark (which he didn't really like). We were concerned, but then other people were saying, "Oh that happened to my kid." So we waiting it out and the babies came out (just in the last couple of weeks). Now the back ones are marching forward, but, unfortunately, they are too big for the vacating spaces. Hubster has HUGE teeth. The kids have tiny mouths. This is not going to go well.

  5. Allison, that is charming! You still have milk teeth!

    GEW: not to worry. The orthodontist was clearly in favor of pull them, push them, twist them, but baby teeth create stuck teeth, which simply results in longer courses of braces later. So, not to worry. Just start a savings account!!