Wednesday, May 26, 2010

At Least He Knows It

Hubby makes the blog! Here's how that came about:

Son, looking at flabby vegetarian lasagna on his plate: Well, I'm not all that hungry.
Hubby: Hang on. [Goes to fridge, retrieves leftover marinara sauce, heats it in microwave.] Put some of this on it.
Me, to hubby, in Very Superior Voice: You do realize that the entire purpose for me buying vegetarian lasagna is so that, on days like today, when we all ate meat at lunch, we aren't eating meat again at dinner?
Hubby: And aren't we glad you also buy meatless grounds, to make meatless marinara sauce with?
Me: Oh. Yeah.
Hubby [leaps out of seat and does Victory Dance, laughing immoderately]: I'm sorry. But it happens so rarely! [Sits down again.] Boy. I'm gonna live off that one for three years.


  1. And at least he put a time limit on it!

    Some days you do have to feel sorry for husbands. Now come on, admit it!


  2. Your husband sounds like mine -- easily pleased. haha.

  3. HA HA!

    Can I say how much I loved "Very Superior Voice"? :D

  4. Fie: it's true. He so rarely gets to do The Dance of Victory!

    Ink: I'm not proud of it, but VSV comes out often...