Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Fight. For Your Right. To Party...

Hubby, to Son: Come on, now. We just don't have time to goof around.
Son, indignant: No time to play? That's just sad. We're kids!

And on another note, my work building is undergoing heavy construction this summer, and we aren't allowed in. Which means, taking all our teaching/writing/computing stuff out with us. We were to have until the end of this week, but the building is already cordoned off with caution tape. Personnel have been moving everything out, and plastic sheeting what remains. I'm in my office with the eery sense that dynamite has been laid in the basement, and it's all over but for the sirens. I feel like a lone holdout. I'd hate to miss the crucial memo about a change in the date! (Just another comma! Boom.)


  1. Sounds like one of those days where I keep checking the date because clearly it's either Sunday or daylights savings, because where *is* everybody?

  2. Yep. Just around the corner with earmuffs and hard hats, and one of those plunger devices...

  3. LOL re: conversation! Smart kid!

    And that sounds very gothic, your sitch. Maybe...um...flee!

    Definitely don't call MacGruber.

  4. Ha! MacGruber! Y'all are just so funny.

    But, seriously, LKL. Let us know that you made it outta there . . .

  5. I'm out, and home, surrounded by stacks of boxes ("why did I ever think I'd need *that* this summer?") and wondering what to do with all of them. I could use MacGruber, actually. He might destroy some of them!

    Ironically, everyone was forced to move, so everyone did some spring cleaning on the way. The "secure shredding" box was so full you could have reached in and pulled out handfulls of "secure" papers had you been so inclined!

    At the last minute, we were told to take our chairs and phones over to the temporary offices too. It's really quite a comfort now to think I can't go to the office, no matter what!

    Cheers, Ink and GEW!