Monday, June 7, 2010

What Are We Feeding Them, Anyway?

Daughter, at breakfast, in musing tone and a propos of nothing: What I don't understand is why hippopotamuses have their head so low. It's like they have no necks.

Son, at dinner, in slightly accusatory tone and a propos of nothing: I now know what you and dad did to make me.


  1. This grandmother thinks they are right on target for highly intelligent kids of their respective ages. She also wonders if it's time for Sunday School with its stories of creation and its dance around the birds and the bees.

    But don't you just wish you could hear their thoughts -- just before they come out with these gems?


  2. Haha. I know what you did to make me!! Haha. I'd say, "I know! It was quite a sacrifice to make in order to get such a wonderful son!" hahaha.