Saturday, October 10, 2009

Euphemistically Speaking

Daughter, in an uncharacteristically genteel moment: "I've gotta go poo... ah... powder my nose."

And on that note, I had fun being interviewed on the radio, yesterday morning. It was all the more fun because it ran right through two of my classes, which at least was planned for. In any case, it was radio mayhem. I spent a lot of time talking piracy (which is not the same as talking like a pirate), and about how Bluebeard wasn't originally--but now sort of is--a pirate. I came home after work and drafted a picture book indulging the piracy side of things. What the heck. Everyone loves pirates! (It's kind of an in joke that the subtitle to my Bluebeard book is "ARG," aka: A Reader's Guide... )

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  1. So impressed by your fame and fortune! Way to go, LKL!