Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Throwing down the gauntlet

OK, so I know I'm wired to see a challenge where perhaps none was intended, but early in the marketplace book a source is quoted as saying that head lice and torture are not for the picture book crowd. Don't worry. I don't plan to prove anyone wrong on the latter count. But head lice? Come on, people. It's endemic to the elementary school experience. It may not be a child's fear, but it certainly is a parent's! And without a pondering "lesson" attached (head lice prefer clean heads, folks! social stigma is for the ignorant!) it could be a great picture book.

So of course I set about writing just such a great picture book last night. It's called: Mrs Redmond Says Lice Won't Hurt You (But Crazy Hat Day Has to Wait). Seriously. It is.

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