Friday, April 22, 2011

Look What the Bunny Broughteth Me!

An invitation to a Saturday writer's retreat, courtesy of the local writing group. From 9-4. With laptop points around the house. Friendly folks, and a coffee pot. BYO lunch.

Just in time to ward of generalized "lack of writing time lately" despair. Thank you, Bunny (you know who you are)!


  1. THANK YOU, Easter BUNNY!

    (reference to popular commercial from my American childhood--do you know the one?)

  2. Bawk bawk! (Same commercial, GEW, no?)

    Congrats on the writer's retreat, LKL!

  3. Wow. First off, that should have been "ward off." Thank you Ink and GEW for politely not pointing that out! Apparently, "me to busy two wryt wel."

    But second, and alas, I don't know the commercial, having had a misspent youth in New Zealand. But I love you two doing it!