Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Dangers of Reading, In 3 Parts

Part the First:

Daughter: Look, Mom. There are ten chapters, and I'm at chapter eight!
Me: Great!
Daughter: It's page 72!
Me: Fabulous.
Daughter: There's only this much to go!
Me: You're a reading fiend!
Daughter: Sssshhhhhhh! I'm READING.

Part the Second:

[in a local bookstore, with TV playing scary music in one corner...]
Daughter, clamping herself to my leg: What IS that?
Me: It's a TV. It's playing a movie.
Daughter: Ohhhh. I thought it was a dementor.

Part the Third:

Me: What specials did you have today?
Daughter: Library. I NEED an ipod touch!

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