Monday, January 23, 2012

Chip Off the Old (OCD) Block!

Found, this list, after a rain or two, in the back yard. (Yes, those are bullet points...)


  1. I just love that. So organized and earnest. My daughter did similar list once when we were on our summer trip and she was outlining the playdate she would have with BFF upon her return.

    Not sure either of mine have made such a list for a solo afternoon though . . .


  2. GEW: earnest is so right; I think you nailed what is most touching about it. Good to hear your daughter has a "list" mind-set too. She will go far! (That's what I tell myself, anyway!)

  3. Oh my! I started making "to do" lists for myself at about age eight. I used to start this list with "wake up." Oh my!

    I'll stop back to check for new posts. If you get a chance, I'd love to have you visit my kidlit blog

  4. @Ali B: thanks for stopping by on your blog tour!

  5. Was just thinking: Should we make much of the fact that the list was found (abandoned?) in the backyard?