Sunday, August 23, 2009

Back to School Jitters

Mine, that is! The kids are off to a great start, and their parents are adjusting to the changes. Son refuses to eat cafeteria food, which is a good thing I guess. He gets longer to eat his lunch by having one from home, and he likes to sit with his friends who also bring lunches from home. I tried to tamper with it once last week, and won't again. Daughter, on the other hand, is in love with the novelty of lunch on a tray. Is it possible to slide his stockpiled lunch account over to her name I wonder? It's not like it'll earn interest until high school, or anything!

Now it's time for us to start. The papers are full of students moving into dorms, and there's a hopeful chill in the air. The aquatic center was unpeopled, and the water frigid. (We only went to support their new policy of extended opening, weekends thru Labor weekend. Even we thought we were crazy to be in the water...) Time to dig in. This week's extra carricular activities are a case in point. Monday: evening parent meeting for new Girl scout troop we're starting at school; Tuesday: READING AT STARBUCKS (more about this, below); Wednesday: first after school meeting of the Daisy scouts, followed by back to school event hosted by the union, followed by fishing recruitment in the evening for Boy scouts; Thursday: returnee event for study abroad participants and their advisors, followed by choir rehearsal; Friday, makeup hair appointment for the one I messed up the time on yesterday. I'd better get to liking being busier again!

Reading on Tuesday at the local Starbucks (the one and only!). 5-6pm picture books; 6-7pm chapter books; 7pm+ is open mic for elementary ages. Free kid's drink and cookie to all kids in attendance. Come on out folks! I will read a picture book text or two, and then a chapter or two from a chapter book in the second hour.

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