Monday, August 3, 2009

Tallying the Score

OK, so I left my "yay" news up for nearly a week, and it's time to post anew. Summer is grinding on... yes, we've reached that stage. The cicadas are crushingly constant, the children are avoiding the backyard because it has been so wet the mosquitoes are ignoring mid-day curfews and playing all day long. School begins late next week for the munchkins, and even they in their heart of hearts would have to admit that they are hugely relieved.

I am beginning to number the things left undone. That they have been left undone for a variety of pretty productive reasons doesn't much help:
  • Son did not learn to ride a two-wheeler (training wheels came off in April, but parents too lacksadaisical to get him riding some place with grass; only hope now is impending grandparent visit...).
  • Son did not learn to tie shoelaces.
  • Shed got scraped, but no paint was applied (please do not cross reference earlier post--I do remember it).
  • Porch on mother-in-law's house did not even get to the scraping stage.
  • Book did not get reviewed, but since publisher is resending it due to its patent non-arrival, I'm not taking the hit for that one.
  • Daughter got read to, a lot, but did not practice her own reading.

To balance it out (since the voice in my head is arguing already), the following did get accomplished:
  • Hubby's game room built and furnished (if not exactly paid for).
  • Lots of pyjama days.
  • Swim classes, two sessions' worth. Lots of family swims in addition.
  • Cub scout camp (please do cross reference earlier posts, full of dwama).
  • Many meetings to establish a Daisy scout troop, beginning later this month.
  • Writing, writing, writing, writing. Editing, critiquing, networking, blog reading, blog posting, website maintenance. Rope learning in general. More writing.
  • A raised garden with actual edible veggies in it. Real ones!
  • A big event coordinated, with 59 kids and 30 adults. Even some whiny ones. Full of dwama.
  • A giant BBQ, early in the summer, from the "one fell swoop" school of entertainment thought.
  • The public library summer reading program for kids, plus party. Lots of trips to the PPL, and tracking books at home. Fifteen more things at a time we must. not. lose.
  • A Complete and Utter Tenth Anniversary Reorganization of Several Rooms and Their Major Pieces of Furniture. Down to the original dust.
  • Six or seven cub scout events so the den could stay in touch. Snacks at each.
  • My book! Arrived! Looking gorgeous and ready to promote! Champagne for the adults, sparkling apple for the kids.

I'm sure if I thought harder the first list could be much, much longer. But that would be work. So in the balance, if you ask me I'll snap that of course I'm not ready for (my) school to go back. I'm not a masochist. And I'm not looking forward to having to fight for writing time. But in my heart of hearts, I'm relieved.

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  1. You accomplished a LOT! And the other things, well, all in good time.