Sunday, September 6, 2009

T-Minus Six Days

Very excited about the upcoming annual Kansas chapter conference of the SCBWI. And my new business cards, which are terrific. Thanks are due to my critique group, who have moved the meeting up to the afternoon before the conference begins, to save on driving time. We will have a conference panel discussion on Friday night, and then all day sessions on Saturday. I'm also signed up to do a small group critique with an editor. There's a night in a hotel in between, of course, and it's always something I look forward to as well: not having to wait until the kiddos are down before going to sleep (or watching a movie)!

So this week, in between teaching (cue image: from the film Twister, veering jeep left and right while semi trucks and cows come flying out of the tornado and threaten to take jeep out) I'll be getting ready. It's only Kansas City, but I still must consult Map Quest. There are two conference locations and a hotel to find! I need to make copies of two picture book texts for the two critique sessions and find a nice binder for them! And I simply must polish my business cards (and find a cunning little case for them)! (No, I don't need to count them, but thanks for that.)

And when all that is done, I can ponder where Daughter learned air quotes from.


  1. What do your new business cards say? LKL, Children's Book Author? Woohoo!

    And...air quotes? Tee hee.

  2. They say, ahem: my name and contact info. BUT I wanted it to look like a fab picture, so it is. I'm working on getting a version of them as my webpage banner. And I say "them," because there were two great designs, so I used both. Why choose?!

    And the airquotes as in: Why does HE [brother, of course] get to have a "sleepover"?

  3. LOL on the air quotage.

    And COOL on the cards!!!!!