Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Horror!

Angst Moment #1

Daughter: The earth is always turning, isn't it?
Me: Yes it is.
Daughter: So, sometimes we're upside down?
Me: Exactly.
Daughter, with rising hysterical notes: We're upside down... right now! I can feel it!

Angst Moment #2

Voice over loudspeaker: Free sample of jerky at the jerky counter!
Daughter: Do they have beef jerky here?
Me: They have all kinds of jerky here. They even have elk jerky!
Daughter, with rising hysterical notes: Elf jerky??


  1. The world is such a scary place.

    So why do we sometimes enjoy being scared silly?!


  2. I have a feeling I'm going to be upside down sometime soon, too. :) You're daughter is so funny!

  3. Allison and Fie: I laughed about the elf jerky, but the other one momentarily made me have vertigo!