Monday, July 5, 2010

Uh, Yeah.

Observing the police department's automatic doors, Son wondered why police cars needed to be enclosed.
Me, making it up as I go along: Probably so that people who might be mad at them for something don't spray paint them.
Son: So let me get this straight. Teenagers when they get mad at people paint their cars?
Me: Sometimes, yes.
Son: What color?
Me: More like... swear words.
Son: Like, "You suck"?
Me: Exactly.


  1. Ha ha! That's probably not where you envisioned that conversation going... ;)

  2. I should be glad his vocab isn't broader...

  3. I actually know the answer, but you might not want to share. They close the doors so that those whom they arrest (mostly for public intoxication) cannot so easily escape as they are moved from the police car. The holding cell is very close to the apparent garage area. They have concrete floors therein with drains so that should the prisoners undergo an involuntary purging of the digestive system it can be hosed out.

    I learned all of this when they gave Rotary a tour one Tuesday.

  4. Bobby,
    I never did reply to this (remiss of me!): but I have since quoted the correct response to the kiddos. Thanks for that info!

    I can store it next to "why fire hydrants are painted different colors," which was something else I never thought I would hear the right answer to!