Friday, February 4, 2011

Because It's Cold Here, Too!

Me: [searching for remote]
Daughter: Are you watching Some Dangerous Fish now?
Me: ...?
Daughter: Are you going to watch your show: Dangerous Fish?
Me: ... Uhh ...
Daughter: With the crabs?
Me: Ohhhhh. Deadliest Catch. Yep!


  1. I'm here with my sick boy watching Survivorman. We like the Dangerous Fish show, too.

  2. Oh, no! Sorry your boy is sick GEW. Is he better yet? We like Survivorman chez LKL too!

  3. Yes, he's on the mend! Still congested, but no more fever. While he was sick we watched (for the second or third) a bazillion Mythbusters.