Thursday, June 9, 2011

All She Wants for Christmas

Daughter lost her second top tooth this week, assisted by an x-box kinnect "table tennis" swat to the mouth, self-inflicted. The tooth that still eight good weeks in it came unhinged, and came out two days later.

Daughter brought me the tooth, with the warning: Be really careful! I was eating a snack, so it has gluten on it!

Apparently, that tooth was doing its job, right up to the last.

But there's a trend in our house, begun when Son lost a tooth and pondered that the tooth fairy must have all kinds of teeth available. He requested a shark tooth from her and she produced. Other teeth that have been requested include: whale, horse, unicorn, gods, and other mythical animals. The tooth fairy has reasonably stated that mythical animals rarely lose their teeth. Teeth she has left instead include: badger, rabbit, cat, horse, cow, coyote. The tooth fairy has a supplier who lives on a farm and who thankfully bleaches most of them before sending them along to the TF.

(Have you seen cow and horse teeth, outside of a head? They are grisly, and huge.)

On receiving rabbit teeth, Daughter announced: I know the tooth fairy is real. Because she comes in the night and leaves me things I've never seen before.


  1. LOL. Wow. I have never seen a horse tooth outside the mouth, and I don't want to. Ye gads!!

    Your kids are so creative - just like their mama!

  2. Thanks, Fie. And yeah. You really don't want to see them...

  3. OMG. You are the most amazing mom ever. So do you have any idea who the tooth fairies supplier is? I would love for my kids' TF to do some similar things.

  4. Maybe the TF could also bring me some spare apostrophes since, clearly, my previous post is lacking. I'll trade some letters for the apostrophe . . .

  5. Hi GEW, sorry for the delay in replying to your comment! Our TF is supplied by the custodian at work in addition to the various animals she visits in the normal course of her TF duties (although for shark teeth in Kansas even the TF needs the good ole internet!).