Friday, June 3, 2011

Levity is Easy, by Contrast

Grandma C took Son to a Buddhist meditation the other night. Son liked the monk, in particular. Monk told Boy: you don't have to meditate, but if you see any of us floating up off our mats, do tell us! Son did a walking meditation demonstration for everyone. Son returned to Grandma C's and located a buddha statue, and then proceeded to teach Daughter How To Meditate.

They meditated, off and on, most of yesterday. Daughter decided to Teach Her Mother. Her version went like this:

Daughter: You have to sit down on the floor, criss cross like this. In front of the voodoo doll.
Me: Buddha.
Daughter: Yes. The Buddha doll. You hold your hands the same way. And then you just ... let your mind go blank. Think about nothing. And just go with the flow.
Me: Okay. That's hard.
Daughter: Levitating is harder. But it doesn't usually happen because of ... well, gravity.


  1. I just spit a little coffee out at "gravity." Must go clean keyboard.

  2. Gravity (of various kinds) does make many things difficult.

    And I love that your kids are meditating.

  3. Ink: thank you. Spit up is the sincerest form of compliment!

    GEW: We lack gravitas, but gravity... alas, no. I love it too. It was very quiet!