Friday, December 11, 2009

It's West Of... Uh, Where Are We?

Daughter, in non-stop excited babble on the car trip to Kansas City (where it had snowed), for her annual checkup:

Are we in Kansas City? Are those houses Kansas City? Why would anyone live here? It's so crowded! ... Oh! I know. They come here because of the snow. Why do they get to have a snow world and we don't? Are all those people in cars coming to Kansas City too? Are they moving here for the snow? Oh, there's some sun. Are we in California now?


  1. So funny! Reminds me of the way that my Girl thinks Grandma's house, which is in Colorado, is just over a nearby hill, which is here in California. Even though she's road-tripped to CO like a million times. :)

  2. Exactly! It doesn't help that Kansas City is mostly in Missouri, while we live in Kansas... but NOT in Kansas City. An extra layer of difficulty arises. No accounting for the California part, though!

  3. Love how she associates different geographies with the weather. It's kind of true, actually, in the big scheme of things. Smart!

    But also it's just cute.