Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Well, That Complicates Things

Daughter had a wonderful Christmas Polar-Express-style dream that she firmly believes actually happened ("it was a awesome night").

In it, Santa collected her from our house by sleigh, then flew to the school to collect two of her best friends, and then returned her to the house. She was sleepy when he first arrived, but then woke up. Along the way, she discovered:

* Rudolph does not have a red nose, but a white one (it glows)
* His nose is in fact tiny
* Oddly, he flies in the rear of the formation and not in front
* And so do the rest of the reindeer (ie. behind the sleigh)
* Santa doesn't come down chimneys at all! The whole roof just dissolves off the house! So the reindeer can come in too! Because he's magic! He knows what you're thinking!

At the end of the ride, Santa put two gifts into her hands (wrapped in pink paper with Barbies on them: "he noticed that I like pink").

How to:
* tactfully not refer to it as a dream, let alone an abduction
* tactfully explain that Santa was being kind in putting the reindeer in back. Oats give them gas, and while Santa is used to it, three little girls might not be
* explain why her brother wasn't invited: perhaps it was a five year old thing, especially for five year olds?
* get some pink wrapping paper with barbies on it at this late hour? Because, as daughter also explained: "tomorrow and tomorrow after that it's Christmas!"


  1. Tee hee! That's wonderful. It sounds so detailed and real. And thanks for the dissolving roof idea! That helps with our explanations over here...

    Good luck with the wrapping paper. ;) And happy holiday to you.

  2. Hmmm, never did find Barbie paper, go figure. But pink, no problem. Put Barbie inside, to reverse engineer the whole thing. One big present (hula hoop to the rescue) and one small! She did immediately recognize provenance of said gifts (Santa) even without tags, so must have approximated the memory of awesome night! Happy hols to you too, inky.