Sunday, January 24, 2010

Bottle That (And Make a Fortune...)

Daughter, appearing in manner of Peter Pan in our bedroom door, hands on her hips, announces: "I have cuteness!"

Son, same morning (yes, terrible parenting) playing video game: "Yep. I'm that good."

Isn't it nice to have such good self-esteem? I think I'll take those two to heart, and see what happens when I apply them systematically (and silently) through the week. What will you recite?

And a "why I heart hubby" moment yesterday. Daughter has a new set of "keys" from the checkout aisle of Wally world (yes, terrible parenting again). She seems to think they actually work, and keeps trying them in locks. The keys have three sound effects: alarm, double-pip locking sound, and remote engine startup. As hubby was running late, daughter "locked" the car with her keys. Hand on the car door and about to yank it open (running later by the second), hubby stopped, took a deep breath, and said: "Would you unlock it for me please?"

Also, am reading for the first time: A Wrinkle in Time, by Madeleine L'Engle. Not sure how I missed out on it in childhood, but did. Now must acquire (borrow! must borrow from the library!) the remaining four books of the quintet. Without giving away spoilers if possible, have you read these?


  1. *Wrinkle* is one of the very first two full length books I read by myself, the other being *Where the Red Fern Grows.* I haven't read L'Engle's other works, but *Wrinkle* was formative. Before encountering these two great works, I struggled with and hated reading. I keep meaning to reread *Wrinkle* as it has been too many years.


  2. Sorry I didn't catch this when we were talking the other day. The author's name is Madeleine.

  3. LOVE the positive self-esteem ("I have cuteness?" Adorable.)

    Wrinkle in Time = awesomeness spilling out everywhere.

    And your husband, so sweet to invite the unlocking. (I know exactly which keys you mean. We have them in Lightning McQueen version.)

  4. Thanks, C!

    And Ink, you betcha. (Pip pip!)

  5. LOVE Wrinkle in Time. Am trying to get my children interested in it and not having any success. I finally rented them the movie and they watched it and enjoyed it. I guess we do what we have to.

  6. Ooh. Thanks for the tip! I looked it up... at least it was nominated for awards, including Children's Script, from the Writer's Guild of America (TV). Is it any good?