Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Those Blasted, Pasted Tenses!

Daughter, contrite: I'm sorry! I spillded it, and it leakded out, so then I calleded you right away!

Tomorrow is my first day auditing Children's Literature, as taught by the Curriculum and Instruction department on campus. I'm so excited! I had to rearrange the schedule (now hubby will take Son and Daughter to school 3 mornings a week, for which I will do 4 of the daily pickups after school) but now get to go to class three days a week. My expedited (cheaper) textbook arrived today, and I have never been so excited to start reading a textbook. I'm looking forward to the whole topic presented from the other side of the curtain: teachers-in-training, and early childhood development.

I will have to jog from that class to the two I teach back-to-back immediately following, but at this stage it all seems completely worthwhile.


  1. You could have taken it online from my colleague, Deborah, and not had to sprint, but then perhaps the jog will be appreciated for its exercise value. I know she would have appreciated having you in class. She can't understand those future teachers who are students of hers and complain about having to read so many children's books.


  2. I'm kind of enamored of taking it from the College of Ed, since they look at literature from a very different POV than us over here in the English department. But the jog is very valuable as well! Tomorrow morning the assignment involves picture books, award-winning. I could haul in a wheelbarrow of examples to share...!