Friday, January 29, 2010

School Concerts of Yore (Long Yore)

So, when in elementary school (in New Zealand, remember) this is the type of thing we would attempt for school concerts. Not so ambitious, or professional, but we did learn poi in school! Enjoy this. It's really fab.


  1. Cool! So, I looked up a translation of poi and that led me on a learning journey including some unknown student's Humanities research paper and another youtube video ("Poi E"). Gotta love what you can find on the Internet!

    So, what would it cost to take EF Tours to NZ? More than anyone at LCC could afford, I'm afraid.

  2. Oh, I nearly posted Poi E. It was HUGE in NZ, for weeks and weeks. Really brought back memories to hear it; the video is hilarious, now!

  3. Speaking of concerts, you don't have "concerts" as an option in the survey!