Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Network

Son, feeling expansive after I let him eat a candy he produced from some pocket, and in answer to my question: Good grief, where does it all come from?

Well. (Hands in pockets.) Y'see mom... We kids look out for each other. We really do. And all kids know how important it is to have a supply of candy. Now, Gunnur's mom's treat bags really pack a punch. I think she's my favorite kid-party mom.


It's quite exasperating how much candy there IS to produce from pockets. When I ask where each specimen has come from, I get, variously but consistently:

-a friend at school, (insert name), gave it to me.
-the Art teacher gave them out at the end of Art Class today.
-the Music teacher gave them out at the end of Music Class today.
-the (classroom) treasure box.
-the Computer lab teacher gave them out at the end of Computers today.
-it's (insert name)'s birthday.

By the time weekend birthday party treat bags are factored in (no need to even invoke those other Candy Holidays of the Year) the kids really do have a constant supply. So much for parental constraints!


  1. So true! My kids keep stashing it in the toy fridge in our playroom, which is otherwise known as "kids world."

  2. make that "kids' world," with an apostrophe . . .

  3. Best use of a toy fridge, ever, GEW!

  4. I love candy. I can't imagine the world without it. I wish it didn't rot my teeth and make me gain weight.

  5. Yeah... me too. I'm just not ready for my kids to use it as a unit of currency from here on out!