Thursday, March 25, 2010


Daughter decided at bedtime last night, with wet hair, to have pigtails AND a pony tail put in. Evenly spaced around her head, she looked quite Junie B. Jones-esque. Surprisingly, they were all still in place this morning, so she wore them to school. Given that it was "wear your sweats to school" day, and that she has a matching set of pink athletic top and pants, she looked like she was headed out to a gymnastic meet.

And she looked... older, in addition to a little bizarre.

I'm wondering if this entire week has been a way to get parents to pay attention to school pictures day, which is tomorrow. They wore crazy socks on Monday (well, those who remembered to, after a week's vacation); sunglasses on Tuesday, clothes inside out (and/or back to front) on Wednesday (which had me wondering about the efficacy of flies on trousers when in the back...), and sweats today. Or maybe it was just a way to get all the different things kids could do for picture day OUT of their systems so they would submit to being dressed up nicely tomorrow?

Son, who didn't realize we would SEE school photos once they had been taken, scowled for them last fall like it was a mug shot. We pointed out that we actually paid for pics, and they got sent around the planet to the walls and wallets of relatives elsewhere. We pointed out that Son would have to pay for the retake with his own pocket money if he did not attempt at least a pleasant countenance. His teacher, who has a good sense of humor, has used the "mug shot" version in any school hallway affair, while reserving "pleasant countenance" for Christmas ornaments sent home from school, and the like.

I recollect telling my mother that "everyone" would be wearing party dresses in our school photo, and then being shocked that she had physical evidence to the contrary when the pics came home with me... and I was the only one in a full-length party dress (hey, it was the 70s).

What tales of school photos do you have?


  1. You're so cute with your full-length party dress.

    I don't have any school photo stories. Other than it seems like I always had just gotten a ridiculous haircut right beforehand...then again, it was the 70s. We all had crazy haircuts back then, right?

  2. Maybe your most recent hairdresser (unlicensed scissor wielder) story was a way to remind you to get pics taken!