Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Won't Tell!

Son has liked a girl since kindergarten. Same one he insisted he had to buy Valentine's candy for because it's common knowledge that she likes him.

Son requested that we invite this girl, a fellow second grader, over for a play date. I was a little leery, but only because when he was in first grade I foiled a plot to invite two classmates over so Son could set conditions whereby they could kiss. But he assured me he had no ulterior motives, and Girl arrived.

Moms compared notes, and Girl has written that she hearts Son in her books, for going on three years now. We think it's cute, but have both reminded them that they are too young to marry.

Son was extremely solicitous throughout Girl's visit. He ran to fetch cushions because she "looked tired." He ran to fetch her a drink (milk or water? glass or plastic cup?) because, presumably, she looked thirsty too!

Play date was a smashing success. A day or two after, he asked if his sister could invite Girl to attend his own future birthday party (months away), presumably so his Guy friends wouldn't know he wanted her there.

So yesterday, driving home from school with a Guy friend of his in the car, I overhear this conversation from the back. Such lies!
Son: my sister had Girl over to play the other day. They got along really well.
Son's friend: Yikes.
Son: yeah, I know. I just stayed out of their way.
Son's friend: Yeah.
Son: It was surprising. They managed not to kill me.

I looked up in the rear vision mirror and met Son's eyes imploring me not to say anything to contradict him. And of course I wouldn't!


  1. The web of lies we weave. . . .


  2. Soooo funny. His effort to make Girl comfortable remind me of when my Boy was going to visit his friend who is a girl (I can't write "girlfriend"!), and he wanted to take a bath beforehand to make sure he was clean!

    And my daughter was lamenting Boy's relation with said Girl the other day, saying, "I wish things were the way they were when I was three, and he paid attention to me because he didn't have a girlfriend." Imagine her languishing with her arm across her brow as she said it . . .

  3. I know, A. But the web is so lovely!

    GEW, great stories! They are such drama kings and queens, aren't they?!