Thursday, April 22, 2010

Lost in Translation?

Two conversations with the kids yesterday proved enlightening.

Daughter was having another after school weep in the car. No amount of logic had worked to stem the flow.

Me: I'm not sure why you're crying, and I don't think you know anymore either.
Daughter: I know, but I can't stop yet.
Me: Oh, okay. We can wait.
Son: Have a little cry. It's good to let the pressure off.
Me: Yes, good idea. Sometimes I do that too.
Son: Well, not very often you don't.
Me: True. I don't cry often.
Son: Usually, you just shout Ow, or something.
Me: True.
Son: And sometimes, you just Grrr, like a dog.
Me: ---.
Daughter: [laughs]

Son: When will we go to France again?
Me: Depends on what happens in a couple of years. We may go spend some time that way, or go to New Zealand.
Son: To live?
Me: No, just to spend some time.
Son: Will we go to school there?
Me: Yes, for a short time.
Son: But we don't speak New Zealand!
Me: I speak "New Zealand" to you all the time.
Son: Only the mean stuff!
Me: What do you mean, only the mean stuff?
Son: We only know "Ai, ai, ai!" and "OY!"
Me, laughing: "Oy is short for Oyez. And I only say it when I want you to listen up.
Daughter, very loudly: OY! You do say that all the time.


  1. So my question relates to whether or when you GRRR, you are speaking in New Zealand.

  2. Absolutely. I guess! (I do that very often too!)

  3. I realize now that typos made my comment confusing (I do it often!). :)