Monday, August 9, 2010

The Best Excuses

Two weeks ago we babysat three adorable wee girlies while their parents went on a (much needed) overnight vacation. Wee girly #2, a four year old, made this fab excuse, as she and I together surveyed her lap full of spaghetti: "Oh! I'm not a messy eater. I just got bad spaghetti."

I was reminded of it yesterday, when Son knocked over something on the kitchen counter, and blurted: "Wow. My elbow just got a growth spurt. No really!"


  1. What to do? Bemoan the lack of ownership for mishaps, or celebrate the resilient creativity that helps one get through life's big and little tragedies? As long as the consequences include cheerful cleaning up after oneself, I vote for the creative resilience!

    -- Allison

  2. Allison,
    I find the creativity charming in young ones, not so much in adults. How, then, to get them from A to B?!