Saturday, August 28, 2010

Work It, Baby

Last weekend's lemonade stand was such a success (home made! hand squeezed! made with simple syrup! best in town...) that the kids decided to reprise. Bigger. Better. Three times the number of lemons! They were assisted in this by friendly neighbor having yard sale who invited them to set up in her yard.

The kids have had lots of teachable moments. They are now investment savvy and profit addicted. They understand much about selling consumables (eg: don't pick your nose while making. Absolutely don't pick your nose while selling).

I'd say, based on these two comments, they are now cresting the learning curve.

Me, to Son: Can you get the other pitcher?
Son: Could you? I need to be here, looking cute.

Customer, to Daughter: Here. And keep the change!
Daughter: Oh, we will.


  1. Your kids are so awesome! Congrats on the new business venture.

  2. "I need to be here, looking cute." Psh - he's already the cutest thing I've heard about all day. haha. Your kids are funnnnnny!

  3. Ink: business venture indeed. We are considering breaking into the Farmer's Market!

    Fie: Yep. Funny and sassy! We have to laugh.

  4. I commented on this before? Did it not go through? Anyhoo, just saying that my kids love to sell stuff, too. But at the craft fair, there were a bunch of kids selling things, which made the Girl realize she prefers shopping at other kids' table over selling her own wares.

  5. GEW: I guess blogspot ate your post! It didn't appear before.

    I have the same reservations about a twice annual kids' garage sale the City sponsors. Seems like we'd just be swapping our plastic junk for someone else's, no?