Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Little House Fever Continues

So, Daughter has made her way, wide-eyed and asking many questions, through Little House on the Prairie (the book). On the way, we survived [spoiler alert]: the lake, the swollen creek, meeting Indians (the word "massacre" appears several times), prairie fire, buffalo wolves, a panther, cholera, an Indian council of war, and several "waiting for Pa, who should have been home by now" moments. Not to mention being put off the land and walking away from the glass windows at the end of the book. It was gripping.

We have acquired the other 8 books in the series as a going back to school present.

We have done Film Adaptation 101 watching the TV series pilot, in which there were several inconsistencies. Between the two Melissas playing Mary and Laura in the series and the drawings in the book we already have confusion, and Daughter doesn't realize she hasn't actually seen the real Laura Ingalls in either of those two places.

We plan visits to the nearby houses later this Fall with visiting Australian grandma, so three generations can take them in at once.

But along the way, we have also had these fairly amusing epiphanies:

  • Daughter, watching smoothie being made in bookstore by woman tamping ice cubes down into the blender: Hey look! It's like she's churning butter!
  • Daughter, watching Ma pluck the Christmas turkey Pa just shot: Hey! What is she doing now? ... Ohhh. Well why isn't he helping?
  • Daughter, on being told that she has just met a Native American: Hey! Why is she wearing so many clothes?
  • Daughter, now with a keen eye for period detail: And there's the potty at the new house!
  • Son, on hearing the Little House TV music for the umpteenth time: I'm gonna be downright murderous if I have to keep hearing that music.


  1. Oh, I LOVE the bulleted list at the end! (Standing, applauding) :)

  2. @Ink: Thanks! (Bowing graciously on behalf of the team.)