Friday, September 17, 2010

A Fun Problem to Have

I am due some writing moneys from pieces coming out in print this fall (yay!). The fun problem is this:

It makes sense to roll the writing money back into writing, and thus help offset the amount for taxes. That much is a given. I could go on a mad spree in a bookstore, of course. Who couldn't? But it makes more sense to buy something longer lasting. Like: a kindle? an electronic notepad? an iphone with e-reader? all of them?!

If you had around 700 to spend on "writing support tools", what would you do with it?


  1. You know what I want? I think I want a mini-laptop. I think they might be called "netbooks" or something. Dell seems to have some good ones called the Inspiron Mini, or something like that. I just started looking into them, so I'm not totally clear about their capabilities. I want something smaller and lighter than my regular laptap for when I travel, but I don't really need (or have the money for) an iPad since it's not geared towards word processing. I want something that I can take with me on long trips to the UK or even to coffee shops when I'm working on teaching work, dissertation work, or creative writing. So I think that's what I would buy . . . :)

    I might also pay for conferences or something . . .

  2. GEW: Ditto on all of that! My laptop is bulky, and six years old (gasp) and not what I want in a coffee shop when word processing merrily away (not that I do that... because my laptop is too bulky!). I do dream of typing in a coffee shop though. If I buy the Netbook, I'm sure it will happen! (If you buy it, they will come!)