Wednesday, September 15, 2010

SCBWI extravaganza!

This week I'm in writer's heaven. Last Sunday I drove to Kansas City to meet with my critique group peeps and had a fun time (always a blast in Borders, especially with some writing money to spend!). This week: lots of time with the YA novel on my computer, and am having fun reading The Shifter (YA) while I wait for my next cool read to be delivered (This World We Live In).

This coming weekend: back to Kansas City for the SCBWI annual conference there. Had a blast last year, and came away with lots of good info and had fun schmoozing with like-minded folks. Can't wait!


  1. That sounds like a fantastic week! I'm a bit jealous over here. I would love to check out something like the SCBWI conference. Also, I was looking at the books your reading and the post-apocalypic series by Pfeffer sounds interesting! I've requested the sample for my Kindle. This weekend I'm going to a little writing conference that takes place on my campus, and I'll get to go to *one* YA session!

  2. Ink: So far, amazing it is. I also met with a new critique group locally yesterday and it was fab! Fingers crossed for the conference, but how could it not be great?

    GEW: I understand the jealousy. Do you have a regional SCBWI branch meeting in a city near you? The regional chapters tend to be very active, and regions have their own annual conferences like the one I'm going to this weekend. The national ones are big and expensive: LA in August, and NY in February. Enjoy the post-apocalyptic series! I'm reading it for fun, but also for background on my YA writing. Let us know what you think!

  3. I went to my little conference, and went to a session by Kathleen Duey, author of Skin Hunger. She seems like a great writer (I've just started her book), and she said a couple of very helpul things, but I was frustrated b/c she got off on a lot of tangents, so I didn't feel as if we learned much, which was especially maddening when I was SURE she had so much good stuff to teach us!

    I've started "Live as We Knew It." I love the premise and the basics of the plot. The language and characters are okay but not great. Is that your take? I'd be interested in your assessment.

    We do have a regional SCBWI, and I'm just getting clued in.

    Today, I was thinking that maybe I would take November off from dissertating so that I could start the novel. *Gasp* I probably can't really do that, but I'm itchin' . . .