Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Jury's Out

Son is lately obsessed with imagined scenarios in which two forces clash. Which would win?

Son: Humans vs. all the spiders in the world.
Me: [Shudder.] Spiders. Humans have to sleep.
Son: What if we didn't?
Me: Then humans. But if we won, there'd be too many bugs.
Son: What if we left some of the big and most poisonous spiders to be carnivores?
Me: [Shudder.] Let's not.

Son: Yoda vs. Dumbledore.
Me: I don't think they'd fight.
Son: But what if they did? I'm betting on Dumbledore. He can do levi corpus.
Me: Yoda can levi his own corpus.
Son: Expelliarmus?
Me: Yoda doesn't bear arms.
Son, rolling his eyes: Light sabre, mom.
Me: Okay. I think magic might beat the Force. But the Force is life, and Dumbledore wouldn't do anything anti-Life, so I don't think they'd fight.
Son, rolling his eyes: But what if they did?


  1. Oh, I LOVE the Dumbledore one. My kids ask me those unrealistic "what ifs" all. the. time.

    Me: Yeah, but that couldn't happen.
    Them: Yeah, but what if it COULD?

  2. GEW: I sometimes feel guilty that I am always only half paying attention. I mean, the conversation goes on. And on. But I know one day they'll stop... and then I'll wish them back again, so I may as well try to pay better attention now, right?!

  3. Ha ha ha! This reminds me of the who would you fight question in Fight Club: "Definitely Shatner."

  4. Ink: I'd fight Shatner any day too! (But I love him as the possum in Over the Hedge...)