Thursday, October 28, 2010

It'll Be Sad Then, Too

Daughter emerged from her bedroom at 10pm the other night, sobbing.
Us: What on earth is wrong?
Daughter: When I'm in 4th grade, my brother will be in a different schoooooool!

The next day, she and I discussed her worries in more detail. She doesn't really understand what comes after twelfth grade (we hope), as evidenced by this exchange:
Daughter: So, when I'm in Middle School he will be too?
Me: Yes. And then he'll go to High School.
Daughter: Without me?!
Me: You'll go there and he will still be there.
Daughter: Oh, so when I'm in 9th grade, he'll be in... 11th?
Me: Yep.
Daughter: And when I'm in 10th grade, he'll be in ... How high does it go?
Me: Twelve. 12th grade.
So, when I'M in 12th grade, he'll be dead?


  1. Oh, my! That IS an alarming assumptions!

  2. Yeah. I didn't realize "how high does it go" was more of a philosophical question than a K-12 one!