Sunday, October 3, 2010

Like Apollo 13, But With More Duct Tape

You take this:

And one each, of these:

You send this guy to the office, for boxes:

And you can make this: a cat condo, with 3 storeys, a big-screen TV, and a gift shop in the lobby.


  1. Oh, that is FABULOUS! And I just love the fact that you (or hubby or someone) thought that this was a worthwhile thing to do. I can tell things ROCK at LKL's house!

  2. Thanks, GEW! The art supplies have taken over the square footage for days now. The cat condo is a multi-day affair. It now has all kinds of sparkly decorations. Several playdates have also been coerced into helping.

    We do like it when they make "installations"!