Thursday, November 4, 2010


The children are in very different places emotionally at the moment. Son is very grounded, and utterly happy in school. Comments from him tend to be like this one, at bedtime last night and after I'd spent a long time chatting with him:
Son: Sit with me longer.
Me: That'd be nice. But I'm going back to watch my show now.
Son [laying it on thick and with humor]: I'm a kid. That's more important than your show. And your knitting, don'tcha know.

Whereas Daughter is in this frame of mind [sobbing]: I don't know what perceive means!

If only a dictionary superhero could solve all of her problems...

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  1. Okay, yes, he has a point, but knitting and a show sound glorious. I think you just helped me plan my evening!

    (And my Girl and Boy are reversed. Girl is all fun and confidence, and last night Boy wept for about15 in anticipation of homework.)