Thursday, November 11, 2010

Things That Make You Go ... What is That?

Daughter, to her delight, won two raffle draws at the school carnival. The adult XL tee shirt she has wisely decided will work as an art shirt. It came with a gift certificate to a local florist, so it wasn't a bust for her. Still, she was happiest with this little guy. She has named him... Little Jake.

Oh, sure. He looks cute enough in his freckles and coveralls.

He even looks kind of dopey, if you like Precious Moments memorabilia, which I don't.

But in dim light, he begins to resemble another little doll. Someone I don't want wandering around my bedroom at night:

Because, imagine waking up to this:

Quite seriously, I had to remove him and shut the door.


  1. LMAO! Is Little Jake a cousin of Chuckie? Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You did the right thing by removing him, sure enough.

  2. Oh, Ink. I didn't even tell you: Daughter sat bolt upright, halfway through reading me a book (mid-sentence, even) and picked up the doll to give him his plastic toad, saying "Little Jake just told me I had to give him this."


  3. Dude. He is a scary little fella. Keep a close eye on him AND your daughter.

  4. Wait a minute. Halloween was last month. It's time to talk turkey.


  5. @GEW: done!
    @ Allison: every day is Halloween with this doll in the house!