Sunday, August 7, 2011

Things We Learned This Weekend

  • Don't buy sewing patterns that cost more than 2.99, because I will cut them wrong;

  • Son knows sarcasm ("You made bacon and eggs for breakfast? Who are you, and what have you done with my mom?");

  • The "many hands make light work" theory that got over a thousand scouts to Joplin yesterday to help the schools get ready for the extra students they will have (due to the several schools that got destroyed in the May 22 F5 tornado) doesn't really work when: many of those hands are elementary aged, the work is all outdoors, the temperature is 105 degrees, you begin at 10am, and whoever delivered the mulch to the school playgrounds our pack drew had delivered "creatively" at best;

  • There are many more lines to repaint on said playgrounds than you'd expect, and the ground is so very, very far away;

  • You can drink about 15 bottles of water and never visit the porta-potty once when doing manual labor in a heat wave;

  • I am very glad not to have an outdoor job;

  • Sometimes the farmer's market eggs have giant chicken embryos in them, with visible chicken feet;

  • It's best not to break eggs open over a bowl already containing baking products;

  • My diet is working (Daughter: "You're killing Squishy! Squishy is dying! Squisheeeeee!")

  • Hubby will work for the scouts without complaint, but throws giant tantrums when doing it at home, like... today.


  1. Well, I hope the scouts didn't get dangerously overheated, but what a wonderful effort!

    Eggs: I recently had the same thought about my eggs b/c the package said something about them being farm fresh and fertilized--or something like that . . .

    My daughter just commented on the bigness of my belly today. I gained about five pounds, and it seems they all went to the Squishy.

  2. Oh, also, sewing makes me truly insane. I always cut stuff wrong and thenI'm screwed because I no longer have a proper pattern or enough fabric. I love that, in knitting, there are such things are do-overs.

  3. Thanks for all the advise. Sounds like you had a busy weekend.

    Just a heads up, I have a award for you at my blog. :)

  4. GEW: ditto about knitting! Un-knitting is so much easier than "un-sewing." But I guess I like insanity in my hobbies, right?!

    Jennifer: thanks! And congrats on how yours is flourishing!