Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mileage is Deductible

I had wondered at some point while undertaking the two hour drive up to Borders if it would all be worth it. I mean, a two hour drive each way seemed a lot (I know, I don't get out much...). But after the two hour critique session with four other writers, I had no hesitation to commit to doing this once a month. Which is a pretty big deal, since it will involve leaving right after the kids get home from school, meeting at 6pm, and getting home around 10pm at the earliest, on a weeknight, with classes to teach in the morning. Not whining, just putting in context. And still, can't wait for next time!

Starbucks has called again, so have another reading on Tuesday. I'm hoping the blender goes on the blink for the duration, though. I must admit that's the only part I'm dreading: using a pleasant and well projected voice over the blender, full of ice. READING ALOUD LIKE THIS IS, SADLY, BOTH TIRING AND NOT CONDUCIVE TO PICTURE BOOK FUN.

So, in addition to preparing the reading, revising the picture book that was critiqued, and working on the chapter book, I'm now catching up on some middle grade reading. Somehow, I'd missed Number the Stars (in my defence, I did not grow up in the USA, and New Zealand has its own holocaust curriculum) and have now remedied the lack. My neighbor invited me to her fifth grade class in the fall, so I will have to work on a program that fits the age group. I doubt any school would turn a writer away if you offered to speak to a class, but if so, drive to a smaller town and pretend you live there.

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