Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah...

First camp survived! Trials and tribulations. The first irony only took us sixty feet inside the camp perimeter: after spending four hours the previous night (Saturday night, of course) in ER an hour away to get son's 7-days-in-a-row headaches checked out (referred there by nervous PA in our town, given the nervous all-clear), a mere and literal thirty seconds inside the camp gates son gets stung between the eyes by a wasp... = first visit to friendly medic. The cubbies did archery, leatherwork, panning for gold, shooting BB guns, swimming, flag retirement, campfire skits, running around (no running in camp!) after dark with glo-sticks... the works. But also, of the five cub scouts in our group only two were left standing at the end. One had to leave early with a parent who was having surgery; another threw up at 4am and then again all over the mess hall (now I know... oh, never mind); and still another was picked up by the medic for suspected heat exhaustion. I would like to blame my camping inexperience and ignorance of native flora and fauna for my son's own 67 chigger bites (yes, we really did count them). And the tick in the ear removed by the medic with tweezers was actually a scab... although son has no memory of what might have created such a thing deep inside his ear... But, we are both just thrilled with ourselves.

Today, in need of a debriefing for reentry into civilized life, and struggling to remember which day of the week it is. Have grading to do... Sadly, checked amazon and now see that the release date for book is listed as August 1, so champagne will have to wait another month. Ah well, other books to write while waiting!

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