Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Neverland Comes to the Metropolis

My daughter is having ontological crises at bedtime (end of the day... end of childhood fears... yes, she's five). Last night she figured that even though my parents are still living, when she grows up, at some point she 1) won't be able to marry me 2) will miss me, because we won't live together, 3) will eventually bury me, and then miss me more. But, she reasoned, she can recall me from the dead by habitual trips to... chuck e. cheese's. Because, she says: "a kid can [ie. always] be a kid" there. You have to admit, the reasoning is sound!

Starbucks II went well, but was lightly attended due to a competing gig (every child going to free swim, free hotdogs and hamburgers at the aquatic center to mark the end of the baseball/softball league). However, Starbucks III is AUGUST 25 (5pm-6pm for preschoolers; 6pm-7pm for elementary, with an elementary youth open mic from 7pm on): mark your calendars! With more than a month to promote this one, I can't wait to see the results! And remember, Starbucks gives free cookies and kid drinks to all children in attendance. And my daughter loves the strawberry frozen lemonade they had last night.

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