Sunday, July 26, 2009

Of Editing and Banter

Spent the day yesterday at a "Writers at Work" day sponsored by the Kansas SCBWI, with guest speaker: writer Lorri Cardwell-Casey. It was really interesting to get the perspective of a veteran, and the anecdotes were fun. I think I enjoyed most the opportunity to think about writing for an entire day, without being able to do any... and to meet up with two of my Kansas City critique partners for lunch, as they were also attending the event.

And since I am rather new to navigating myself around the big 'burbs, I was not thrilled at the games MapQuest chose to play (it was NOT on the left, MapQuest, but on the right). But since the event was a Saturday morning, the roads were as near to empty as possible, and so without time pressures it was the perfect opportunity to drive around in loops and get a feel for what's up there.

Returned, to have this conversation:

Daughter: Is this dinner?
Me: Yes.
Daughter: What does "dinner" mean?
Me: It's the meal we eat in the evening.
Daughter: What does "meal" mean?
Me: Food.
Son (deciding this sounds fun): What's food?
Me (undaunted): Nutrition.
Son: What's nutrition?
Me: A biological necessity.
Son: What's a biological necessity?
Me: Something your body absolutely needs in order to function.
Son: What does your body absolutely need to function?
Me: Chocolate.

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