Sunday, June 28, 2009

Yee Ha, Bang Bang, Smokin' Barrels...

That's the verbal part of our cub scout cheer, to be exercised a lot over the next few days at camp. Theme: cowboys and miners. Cubbies are the cowboys, webelos are the miners. The heat index is between 105 and 110 degrees, but I'm assured there's a swimming pool and a well-intentioned friend tells me that camping heat is not experienced like regular heat. (OK, I'm game! Camp food is not regular food, it's true. Camp calories, probably aren't regular calories either. Camp hygiene is definitely not regular hygiene... But does that mean the camp doctor is not a regular doctor, though? Cuz that part has me worried.) Hubby just cooked us a great brunch, like it was the last meal of the condemned or something. Given his distaste for canvas and mosquitoes, I'm sure that's how he feels about sending us off into the wilds of a full cub scout camp, with pirate ship and swimming pool... So, offline for a couple of days!

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