Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Incredibles

My son this morning is gripped by the chapter book, now in nine (of 12) chapters (thanks, son!). He says he wants it to go on forever (= "series"!) He asks when it will have a publisher. I said first: an agent, then: a publisher. He then started spinning a version of what agents do which made me (belatedly) realize he was thinking of a Secret Agent. I asked him what special power my agent might have that would work in the field of publishing. He said: "Flexibility." (So true, so true...)

Meanwhile, another published writer friend suggested that it was not a good idea to post unpublished story synopses on my website. I have been worrying, and finally decided to disable the page with descriptions. And what use is a page of just titles? On the one hand, 1) Who do I think I am to have stories I think could be nicked? But 2) My stories rock! Who wouldn't want to take them for their own? But 3) It's kid lit! But 4) Exactly! Cut throat business! (Not really, but you get the idea with four hands.)

Sigh. Cart before the horse. Fabulous cart. I need a horse, people!

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  1. That's probably good advice, to keep them under wraps until after they are published.

    Hooray on the 9th chapter and excellent reviews from your son! That is AwEsOmE!