Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Public Launch!

OK, I know you're all dying to know how the Starbucks gig went! Despite being under a severe thunderstorm watch, it was well attended and considered a great success by all. The manager, Seth, had a great sense of humor and rolled with the punches (= small child puking into chicken nugget box) with flair. He took orders for free kid drinks like the kids were absolute stars, and they loved it. He even conducted a seventh inning stretch session like a champ! (Good job, Seth!) There were comfy blankets down on the floor, and ample paper on tables (see later). Now, having said that: it is tricky to read in a busy coffee house with a full drive through. Seems that in 90 degree weather everyone wants an iced drink, which involves frequent use of a blender, and ice. But the kids did manage to tune all that out, and we all used our "teacher voices" to project over the not-quite-background noise. We had children as young as 1, and as old as 9... quite a spread! The main age range was 4-6.

It is also a tough act to follow Click, Clack, Moo, and Bear Snores On. But I read three rockin' stories, all of which got huge thumbs up from the kids (and parents): thanks, guys! One involved kid participation (Jaiden is Hungry Right Now!), and for one I brought a popular show and tell item. Tiffany, my crit patner, read like a pro (voices and all!), and then the kids illustrated our "picture" books for us. Today's mission is to scan or photograph the pics from my stories and post them here or on the website with a link here, so check back! Bug pictures = Carlotta's Bug Rescue Service, and griffin picture = Dory's Gold. (Illustrators' names on website: www.casiehermansson.com . I did learn from the experience too. I was surprised so many kids opted to illustrate the "ant on the pillow" from CBRS. It must have been the relatable moment for the 4-6 year olds!

We plan a post-mortem with Seth this week (what worked about the format and what didn't) and Starbucks plans one of these a month. I've been offered a permanent spot on alternating months, and an on-call spot for the others in case of a cancellation they need covered. A "platform"!!

We'll need to work on hubby, who brought our kids. When the barista asked where he was sitting, he said: "Gameco" (the game shop next door)! He stayed, really. And Tiffany's second daughter stayed home: she had heckled her mother too much while she was practicing!


  1. Hey Casie, Sounds like a big success - especially for the first one! Good going. I like the illustrations, more so after reading what they are...

    Thanks for the nice mention the other day!
    She Who Knits and Listens

  2. Congratuluations! Sounds like you were a hit! :)